I have always hated writing these About Me things, but I suppose I will oblige so that you can better understand my background.  I am the youngest of three children born in to a wonderful family with a Luthern pastor at the head.  As a PK (pastor’s kid), we moved around quite a bit when I was young.  I was born outside Detroit, Michigan, moved to a suburb of Cincinnati, and I grew up in THE small town (at least according to John Cougar Mellencamp) in southern Indiana, Seymour.

I graduated from Valparaiso University with majors in History and Latin and a minor in Business, completed my MBA during my first couple years of working full time, got married and stuck around the northwest Indiana area.  When I get some free time and money, I love playing golf and scuba diving (yes you can dive in Northwest Indiana, though its nothing like the diving most amateur divers experience).

My wife of almost two years and I don’t have any kids, but we treat both our dogs like they are children.  We became an aunt and uncle for the first time just over a year ago and enjoy experiencing children vicariously through my sister.

That’s enough background for now.  You’ll certainly pick up more as you read through some of my posts and feel free to ask questions and debate.  I know I’m not always right (though I like to think I am) and being conscious of that, I’m always interested in expanding my horizons.


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