Back and Better than Ever

January 11, 2012

After two years of silence, GloveSlap is coming back.  I’m rebranding it as a site where I can vent my frustrations about the business world.  The content, as you can imagine, is going to consist of items from the business world that confound me – and when there is a slow news  day (probably fairly regularly), I will be including some fantastic items from my own personal experience.  After spending 6 years working in a situation that makes The Office look like a cakewalk, I’m excited to share some of those experiences with you and hopefully get some feedback.  I think my experience is pretty unique, but I fear that I’m going to find more of the same crap when I find my next job.  And I’m not changing the name of the Blog or my user name.  I’d love to duel some of the people I’m going to write about and I’m definitely an “annoyedgrunt” – just in a slightly different way than I meant it when I started this blog.
Just a few previews of the posts you can look forward to:
  • My boss describing our company as a “premiere” employer in the area to someone he wanted to sell to – just a month before they laid off 100 people (the third such layoff)
  • Getting fired, only to find out 3 days later I would be hired back – then turning it in to a 3 week paid vacation
  • Being told by the same senior executive in the same conversation a) that I need to exhibit ownership thinking and b) that I would have benefitted from a stint in the army because I needed to learn to do what I was told
  • When informing upper management that the reason for my “down” attitude was because I did not feel about what I was selling, being repeatedly questioned about whether something was going poorly in my personal life with my wife
  • Instead of listening to the thousands of people complaining about the company and making serious changes, upper management dismisses them for not “understanding the concept” and continue to do the same stuff they have done for 40 years

Believe me – each one of these is completely true, and I’ll include MUCH more detail.  For the sake of time and my own sanity, I needed to finish this first post to make this real and give myself an obligation to continue.  I hope you find it entertaining but I also hope you will give me some honest feedback – maybe I’m just an asshole and need to change my own behaviors or maybe you’ve had similar experiences and would like to vent – this is the place to do it.


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