Nationals Fans Officially Have Nothing to Cheer About

June 8, 2009

Fans of the Washington Nationals, baseball’s worst team by a mile, have lost the only reason they previously had for attending a game.  It’s already difficult enough for the Washington Nationals to attract a crowd, and now D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin has officially banned the only reason left to attend; fireworks.  

After having debris from a recent fireworks show at the Nationals game fall on him, Rubin ordered the fireworks displays shut down, becoming somewhat belligerent at the game and asking an official “Do you know who I am?”.  Well, now the whole world nows who you are, and I’m guessing you weren’t looking for that kind of publicity.  

Rubin claims that his move was made for the safety of the crowd, but why would the fire department never inform the Nationals of these concerns in the numerous inspections they have done over the many years that the stadium has been in existence?  Definitely a slap-worthy move.  Hopefully Mr. Rubin’s future efforts to control wind speed and direction will make future fireworks shows that much safer.


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