June 7, 2009

Well, before I get started with this new (at least to me) blogging thing; a little background.  My wife has been blogging for some time and I felt the need to follow in her footsteps yet again.  She likes to complain that I automatically dismiss many of her favorite things (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, McClintock, Friends…mostly movies and TV shows) without giving them a chance, but I beg to differ.  For some reason blogging has stuck with me and I want to see what its all about.

Why “Glove Slap” you ask?  And what about “AnnoyedGrunt”?  At first I was leaning toward “Dueling Blogs” or something like that, but it didn’t give an accurate picture of me or my intent with this blog.  As an avid Simpsons fan, I’ve always been a big fan of the episode “E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)”.  In the episode, which many of you may remember as the “Tomacco” episode, Homer watches a Zorro movie at the beginning and becomes enamored with challenging people to a duel, leading to a parody version of “Love Shack” called “Glove Slap”.

I’m not sure of the exact origin of the Glove Slap in dueling terms, but essentially slapping an individual in the face with a glove signifies your desire to duel them.  My plan for this blog (which may morph over time…perhaps when my glove slapping attracts the wrong person, kind of like the Simpsons episode) is to “Glove Slap” people from across the web, world news, my real life, etc. (I’ll try to keep sports-related blogs to a minimum, but no guarantees) over specific incidents which cause me to reach to my back pocket for my virtual dueling glove.

Hopefully we will have some laughs, some heated debates, and all learn a valuable lesson like the one Homer learns in E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)…that the tobacco companies will always win in the end.  Sorry I couldn’t find a good video to post of the Glove Slap song…maybe my first glove slap should be Fox.  I’m sure I could find plenty to duel them over.

Happy blogging.  I’ll be researching my first real post and hope to have one up later today.


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