Disclosure Dilemma

January 14, 2012

About a year ago, I took a post in the Franchise Sales department after our former manager left to own a franchise.  Like many other businesses, ours has struggled ever since 2008.  We’ve had quite a bit of slow, drawn out contraction and continually decreasing sales figures.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t set up a new franchise sales person for success from day one.  About six months in to my time on the job, my boss was moved to a different department and a new one came in.

Neither of these individuals had any experience in franchising, nor did they seem interested in learning the industry.  After convincing them that it would be worth the time and money for me to attend a franchise sales conference in October, I became far more cognizant of some of the issues with how we were running our own department… Read the rest of this entry »


Back and Better than Ever

January 11, 2012

After two years of silence, GloveSlap is coming back.  I’m rebranding it as a site where I can vent my frustrations about the business world.  The content, as you can imagine, is going to consist of items from the business world that confound me – and when there is a slow news  day (probably fairly regularly), I will be including some fantastic items from my own personal experience.  After spending 6 years working in a situation that makes The Office look like a cakewalk, I’m excited to share some of those experiences with you and hopefully get some feedback.  I think my experience is pretty unique, but I fear that I’m going to find more of the same crap when I find my next job.  And I’m not changing the name of the Blog or my user name.  I’d love to duel some of the people I’m going to write about and I’m definitely an “annoyedgrunt” – just in a slightly different way than I meant it when I started this blog.
Just a few previews of the posts you can look forward to:
  • My boss describing our company as a “premiere” employer in the area to someone he wanted to sell to – just a month before they laid off 100 people (the third such layoff)
  • Getting fired, only to find out 3 days later I would be hired back – then turning it in to a 3 week paid vacation
  • Being told by the same senior executive in the same conversation a) that I need to exhibit ownership thinking and b) that I would have benefitted from a stint in the army because I needed to learn to do what I was told
  • When informing upper management that the reason for my “down” attitude was because I did not feel about what I was selling, being repeatedly questioned about whether something was going poorly in my personal life with my wife
  • Instead of listening to the thousands of people complaining about the company and making serious changes, upper management dismisses them for not “understanding the concept” and continue to do the same stuff they have done for 40 years

Believe me – each one of these is completely true, and I’ll include MUCH more detail.  For the sake of time and my own sanity, I needed to finish this first post to make this real and give myself an obligation to continue.  I hope you find it entertaining but I also hope you will give me some honest feedback – maybe I’m just an asshole and need to change my own behaviors or maybe you’ve had similar experiences and would like to vent – this is the place to do it.

Fans of the Washington Nationals, baseball’s worst team by a mile, have lost the only reason they previously had for attending a game.  It’s already difficult enough for the Washington Nationals to attract a crowd, and now D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin has officially banned the only reason left to attend; fireworks.  

After having debris from a recent fireworks show at the Nationals game fall on him, Rubin ordered the fireworks displays shut down, becoming somewhat belligerent at the game and asking an official “Do you know who I am?”.  Well, now the whole world nows who you are, and I’m guessing you weren’t looking for that kind of publicity.  

Rubin claims that his move was made for the safety of the crowd, but why would the fire department never inform the Nationals of these concerns in the numerous inspections they have done over the many years that the stadium has been in existence?  Definitely a slap-worthy move.  Hopefully Mr. Rubin’s future efforts to control wind speed and direction will make future fireworks shows that much safer.

Speidi Slap

June 8, 2009

Can someone please tell me why anyone cares what is going on in the lives of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt?  I suppose I’m only adding fuel to the fire by talking about this most recent act to bring some more attention their way.

I accidentally watched about an hour of one of the first episodes of “I’m a Celebrity” and given the characters involved, Spencer and Heidi hit a new low for attention whoring.  Not only are they now claiming that NBC tortured them, but before their triumphant return to the jungle, Heidi claimed “the devil made me leave.

I have to think the devil has better things to do than convince Hollywood’s most self-indulgent twosome to leave a ridiculous “reality” show.  Maybe he is available for an assist with this slap.


One more time.

June 7, 2009

Tiger Woods proves once again why he’s the best player…EVER.  On Sunday, Tiger pulled out his red shirt, his “A” game and his dueling glove (this one of the golfer’s variety), coming from 4 shots back, and shooting a 65 to beat out Jim Furyk by a stroke.  He came back from his worst round of the year (a 74) on Friday to overcome the field at the Memorial.  Congrats Tiger, but unfortunately you are never going to get the critics off your back until you do it on Sunday in a major.

Memorial Golf

Who ya gonna call?

June 7, 2009

I came across this article in Yahoo’s “News of the Weird”.  In my opinion, that is not the place for it, but I guess Yahoo doesn’t have a section for News that will make you question humanity.  To sum up a very good, but very long article out of the Denver news, John Francis Beech, a retired executive was planning to take his own life.  Before he did so, he cut a $100,000 check postdated to August 1, to Laradon Hall, a facility that aided the developmentally disabled and hand delivered it (on July 17th), along with his last will and testament, in an envelope marked “Wait until you hear from the coroner” and “Please don’t call, everything is ok.”

Failing to heed a portion of his instructions, an employee of Laradon Hall opened the envelope to find the check and will, but decided to put the contents in a safe until after the 1st of August.  A couple calls were made to Mr. Beech, but no calls for a welfare check on Mr. Beech or calls to the police to check things out. On July 29th, Mr. Beech went through with his plans to commit suicide and his body was found by the police on August 1st.

Judging from the comments on the Westword website, I am not the only one that is horrified that no one from Laradon Hall attempted to contact the police.  Not only did they not contact the police, but it seems they still do not admit that their actions, given the circumstances, were questionable at best.

I do not pretend to know what mental anguish the employees of Laradon Hall are going through at this time, but I would imagine that it is considerable.  Perhaps it is from my own personal experience with a suicide attempt, but I cannot understand their actions in the least.  Several years ago I inadvertently came across a good friend of mine that had apparently had a gun in his mouth not long before I showed up.  Upon my unexpected arrival, he was in an extremely volatile mental state, and I did not know where to turn.  After staying with him for what seemed like hours, I had to leave him alone.  But after taking that step, I made a trip to the local police station and asked them to check on my friend.  I’m not sure that that extra stop had any impact on his ultimate survival (though he is still alive to this day), but I couldn’t have lived with myself had I not sent the police to check on him.

Obviously my experience is quite a bit different.  This was a good friend of mine, where Laradon Hall had no previous interaction with Mr. Beech.   And there was certainly not $100,000 on the line in my case.  However, I can’t imagine ignoring that kind of cry for help.  Mr. Beech might have said that everything was okay, but it obviously was not.  I sincerely hope that the actions of not only a single employee, but also of the board of directors of Laradon Hall are not what we would expect to see from a majority of people.

Today, rather than talking about the life of Mr. Beech and his generous gesture of good will to an organization with which he had no known prior relationship, we are discussing the actions of that organization and the pain Mr. Beech’s family must be experiencing.  Today, the family is battling Laradon Hall in court over their rights to the money and the remainder of the will considering the circumstances, rather than remembering their loved one for his last act of kindness.  Today, I am sad that I have to pull my glove out of my pocket to slap Laradon Hall.


June 7, 2009

Well, before I get started with this new (at least to me) blogging thing; a little background.  My wife has been blogging for some time and I felt the need to follow in her footsteps yet again.  She likes to complain that I automatically dismiss many of her favorite things (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, McClintock, Friends…mostly movies and TV shows) without giving them a chance, but I beg to differ.  For some reason blogging has stuck with me and I want to see what its all about.

Why “Glove Slap” you ask?  And what about “AnnoyedGrunt”?  At first I was leaning toward “Dueling Blogs” or something like that, but it didn’t give an accurate picture of me or my intent with this blog.  As an avid Simpsons fan, I’ve always been a big fan of the episode “E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)”.  In the episode, which many of you may remember as the “Tomacco” episode, Homer watches a Zorro movie at the beginning and becomes enamored with challenging people to a duel, leading to a parody version of “Love Shack” called “Glove Slap”.

I’m not sure of the exact origin of the Glove Slap in dueling terms, but essentially slapping an individual in the face with a glove signifies your desire to duel them.  My plan for this blog (which may morph over time…perhaps when my glove slapping attracts the wrong person, kind of like the Simpsons episode) is to “Glove Slap” people from across the web, world news, my real life, etc. (I’ll try to keep sports-related blogs to a minimum, but no guarantees) over specific incidents which cause me to reach to my back pocket for my virtual dueling glove.

Hopefully we will have some laughs, some heated debates, and all learn a valuable lesson like the one Homer learns in E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)…that the tobacco companies will always win in the end.  Sorry I couldn’t find a good video to post of the Glove Slap song…maybe my first glove slap should be Fox.  I’m sure I could find plenty to duel them over.

Happy blogging.  I’ll be researching my first real post and hope to have one up later today.